11165 Rojas, Dr. Suite A
El Paso, Texas 79935
Tel. (915) 629-0162

Email: info@fezcorp.com
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About FezCorp

FezCorp was established to bring architectural creations to realization. We help architects, designers, business owners, architectural product suppliers, professional sign companies and residential customers bring their creations to realization. We use a highly skilled organization, advanced technology and world class suppliers to manufacture innovative and high quality products with all types of wood species and 3D laminates. We are set up as a manufacturing facility to produce your designs. Our CAD/CAM systems allow us to create 3D renderings of spaces and to manufacture directly from computer designs. We look forward to working collaboratively and professionally with all of our clients.

At FezCorp each project is custom tailored to accomplish each client’s unique goal of functionality, site requirements, aesthetics and atmosphere. We take time to develop a concept that reflects the client’s vision and that addresses stated requirements.

FezCorp is a custom wood product manufacturer fabricating all of our products in house. We are located in El Paso, Texas with the capability to supply all over Texas and North America for condo projects, hotel projects, single family units, cabinet projects, closets, offices, architectural components including counters and so much more.

At FezCorp we can make your creations happen!
Give us a call at (915) 629-0162.

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